Carly Pearce promises to keep showing fans “how I see the world” in her next album


Carly Pearce’s life these days looks a whole lot different than it did when she was writing songs for her last album, 29: Written in Stone.

And that’s a good thing: Much of that project was inspired by her highly public divorce from fellow artist Michael Ray, and the grief she experienced after the unexpected death of her longtime producer, Busbee.

Now, a few years later, Carly’s in a happier place. She’s got a new man in her life, and her career has skyrocketed to the tune of accolades, number-one hits, hosting gigs and even an invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry.

As she looks ahead to her next musical chapter, Carly says that there’s one big thing that hasn’t changed.

“I think what fans have shown me is they want to see how I see the world,” she explains in an interview with her record label. Though life may be “much fuller and richer now,” it’s still not without its challenges.

“You don’t just wake up one day and say, ‘Everything’s great, and yay!’” Carly goes on to say. “So I think this one is more…navigating, to me, the best season of my life, honoring what I have been through, honoring that some of those things will live on with me as I carry through my life. And celebrating that I made it through in such a wonderful way.”

Carly recently shared some in-the-studio snapshots with fans on social media, revealing that she’s started cutting her new album.


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