Glad to know I’m not the only one…

Who makes a mistake when buying tickets. Back when Garth first announced his return to touring, my wife was super excited. The day they went on sale I had both laptops going, hoping to snag a pair. Luckily, after a few refreshes we were in! My wife started counting down the days til she got to see her favorite act. Day of the show we drive to St. Louis, wait in the long line to get in (part of it was outside…in FEBRUARY!). Once we finally got in, can you imagine the shock when our tickets didn’t scan!!? 3 tries, no go. That’s when the usher let me know: our tickets were for the show the night BEFORE!! “NO FREAKING WAY!” was my reply, but there it was plainly on the ticket. We were a day late. Thankfully, the very understanding lady at the ticket window felt my plight and luckily found us better seats than we had. I did have to pay for them, but that’s much better than a loooooong car ride home feeling dumb.

This lady and I have have something in common: