Have you heard? A concert May 22nd! COVID ? Are we turning the corner?

On the new 1013 Real Country Morning Show I gave away tickets for an upcoming Aaron Lewis concert at the Ozark Mountain Amphitheater May 22nd. I was amazed at the number of calls we received and from listeners who were excited about the news of a live concert. They didn’t care if they won the tickets, they simply wanted to be a part of the excitement for the chance to attend a concert of any kind, any place, at any time! I got the feeing they had a sense of hope…the HOPE that things are about to get back to some sort of normalcy. I informed each listener (over one hundred) that we are planning many concerts over the spring and summer months at the Ozarks Amphitheater this year.

Are we turning the corner? I think we are very slowly about to make the curve toward the corner. By this concert date in May of this year we might still be sitting a few seats apart and may still using face masks. No matter what-people are wanting to “Get Out” and enjoy themselves. I feel blessed to spread a little joy, excitement and a little hope to those of us who have waited so long to see the curve ahead.

Thank you for all your calls and thank you for listening to the New 1013 Real Country.

Mike Roberts