Know the REAL reason we use Social Media so much?

Everywhere you look you see people on phones, laptops, tablets or a computer while the world seems to just pass them by. Oh yes there is a reason, a self gratifying reason I might add.

Maybe this will help you break your social media addiction:  The reason you’re addicted is the same reason why your dog will roll over, a mouse will run through a maze, or your cat will spend two minutes pretending they actually like you.

The main reason we use social media is the same as the reason why we can train animals to do tricks for food.

We’re addicted to the rewards.  On social media, the reward is getting a lot of likes.  For animals, the reward is getting something to eat.

Here’s some proof.  Google monitored how frequently people posted on social media.  When people posted something that got a lot of likes, they started posting more often.  After they put up a post that folks did not like, they posted less.

In other words, getting those likes feels so good we want more of it . . . so we post more often to keep chasing that golden ring, that sense of pride or the simple feeling of feeling the passion of simply being understood.  For awhile anyway. 

Mike Roberts