BEST or DUMB way to serve dinner?

It’s unique, but do you want to eat off someone’s counter?

Brad Paisley tour dates

His summer tour brings him to St. Louis!

How do you celebrate this?

Did you know today is ‘Root Canal Appreciation Day’? We certainly appreciate them after the fact, but nobody ever says they’re looking forward t...

Another concert tour announced!

The first act to totally scrap their 2020 tour, just announced their plans for 2021

I did 95% of Mother’s Day correctly

Had the kids over for a big breakfast to start the day, followed by gifts for my wife Amy. As I’m cooking about 6 different things, I took my eyes off a pan...

Stumped for Mother’s Day?

Here’s what they want!

Dolly lends her voice

To a new project from Rory Feek

Chipotle is giving away burritos!

If you’re a healthcare worker, get your free burrito!

What’s Tracy Lawrence best song?

A list released ranks his top 20. Where does yours rank?

And the winner is…..a dog?

Hope they gave this furry guy a medal!