Clint Black has a talk show!

‘Talking In Circles’ debuts May 22nd on the Circle Network. Listen to this conversation with him and Kelly Clarkson

Cat videos make you more productive?

Apparently so, according to science. When subjects were given a boring job, then exposed to something funny they worked TWICE as hard. So watch this, and just see...

Preview new Alan Jackson songs

“Where Have You Gone’ set for release May 14th

Is he still a good boy?

This dog wasn’t having any of this foolishness

Who wouldn’t refer this guy?

THIS is the kind of doctor you want.

Watch Carrie Underwood’s Easter Concert

In case you missed it:

Best ‘fake’ products for April Fools Day

Did you fall for a gag? Here are some of the best ‘fake’ products these companies tried to get us to fall for yesterday

Put a Peep to good use!

Don’t want to eat those things? Good news, you don’t have to because here’s some handy things you can do with them

Paper, plastic….or bees?!?!

Imagine this: You just run into the store for a couple items and you come back to your car full of….15,000 bees!!