Maybe You Actually Should Google Your Symptoms . . . Because You’ll Probably Diagnose Yourself Right?

Is Google turning us all into amateur doctors . . . and maybe also professional hypochondriacs?  Which is why we always thought it was a bad idea for people to try to diagnose themselves.

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The reason for my Blog is to state some facts regarding Dr. Google.  Yes, I’ve used the good Dr. numerous times and at first got a second opinion from my care provider at the sum of $60. office visit to hear the same diagnoses.

Perhaps, it’s not such a bad thing for people to Google their own symptoms…because we do a pretty good job on the diagnosis.  We explain our systems in terms of how we feel, where we hurt and how we became ill etc. and that means we usually find out that we’re not dealing with the worst-case scenario.  Both informed me that It’s a cold!  Not some unnamed post-nasal super cancer…and it seems to help us with our anxiety.

Some doctors say this won’t be true for everyone.  So, if you know you tend to be a worst-case scenario type of person…maybe avoid running to Dr. Google every you have a sniffle.  They may just name one after you.

Hope to hear from you.

Mike Roberts