Mike Roberts in the morning

From Dallas, Mike Roberts knew in the 2nd grade that he wanted to be a radio DJ. His first radio job came through a series of unfortunate events when he was only 17 years old (fortunate, though, for Mike!). He’d been shadowing an announcer at a station in Dallas when that announcer inadvertently got locked out of the building. Mike filled in for him for about an hour before he was able to get back in.., whereon the Program Director immediately fired the haphazard announcer and gave Mike his first DJ job on the spot. Since then, Mike has grown and refined his talent over the years and has been recognized in Springfield as a top-rated air personality.


Mike loves to make people feel good, laugh or just smile because of something he says. He especially enjoys getting to know the listeners, each one having their own unique life story. Passionate also about science, Mike admits that another dream he’s always had is to one day go into space. He enjoys scuba diving, and music – country music, definitely – but his collection of music favorites also includes classical, jazz and adult contemporary.