Let’s give that brain a workout!

Apr. 15th

Two percent of women say they need at least six dates before they’re willing to do this. What is it?  

A: introduce them to their friends

Apr. 10th

40% of us have had this stolen at work

A: an idea

Feb. 29th

Q: 75% of us have skipped a social event because of THIS. What is THIS?
A: You didn’t want to deal with parking

Feb. 27th

The average person gets a new one of these every 3 years

A: a new computer mouse

Feb. 8th

29% of people do not know this about their partner?

A: their favorite salad dressing

Feb. 5th

8% of American adults have THIS in common. What is it?
A: They’re afraid of the dark

Jan. 30th

In a new survey, a majority of workers say they would stay with a company longer if it offered THIS. 
A: Pet benefits 

Jan. 29th

7% of people will do this on Super bowl Sunday

A: record and watch later 

Jan. 26th

14% of people do this when buying gas for their vehicle. 

A: pay with cash

Jan. 25th

Nearly 40% of people say if someone did this in their home, it would upset them very much. What is it? 
A: put their drink on a coaster

Jan. 24th

60% of people say they would do this for their pet, if they could. What is THIS? 
A: donate a kidney to them

Jan. 18th

Nearly 25% of people say doing THIS instantly makes them happier. What is it? 
A: Getting their car washed 

Jan. 17th

People in Wyoming do THIS more than people in any other state. What is it? 
A: stream content

Jan 15th.

32% of us are confident we could do this in case of an emergency

A: land an airplane

Jan. 11th

One in five employers say they’ve had this happen to them in a job interview. What is it? 
A: they brought a parent to the interview

Jan. 10th

12% of us have done this to our neighbor 

ANSWER : Gone through their trash  

Jan. 9th

 It’s been at least 9 years since the average person has done _______ .   

Answer: ridden a bicycle  

Jan. 8th

53% of us couldn’t come up with this important information without some outside help. What is it? 

Their partner or spouse’s phone number. 

Jan. 5th

You’ll burn, on average, 3,600 calories in a year doing THIS. What is it? 

Answer:  Brushing your teeth 

Jan. 4th

people were asked what they would miss most if they traveled back in time, THIS came in first

A: flush toilet

Dec. 21st

13,000 hand will touch one of these every month

A: gas pump

Dec. 14th

10% of all people have something that they are not willing to share

A: A recipe

Dec. 12th

30% of drivers have never done this to their vehicle 

A: put air in tires 

Dec. 11th

This is the most common food particle that gets stuck in people’s teeth.

A: poppyseeds

Dec. 8th

39% of all people admit to doing this when having friends or family over to the house  

A: 39% of all people admit to always lighting a candle just before friends or family arrives at their home!    

Dec. 5th

Nearly 20% of all parents say this is the #1 thing that they argue about with their kids; what is it?  

A: brushing their teeth

Dec. 4th

20% of all men have done this in front of people to look more masculine; what is it?  

A: order steak

Dec. 1st

65% of all people say they never wash this unless it gets really, really dirty; what is it?  

A: 65% of all people say they’ve never washed their cat!!!  

Nov. 30th

The average household has about 6 pounds of this; what is it?    
  A: The average household has about 6 pounds of coins!       

Nov. 29th

You are more likely to fake this at work than anywhere else; what is it?

A: You are more likely to fake a conversation on a phone in order to avoid speaking with someone at work than any other place!    

Nov. 28th

A little less than half of all people agree that this will instantly make someone more attractive; what is it?  

It has something to do with what you wear 

A: Wearing sunglasses will instantly make someone more attractive. 

Nov. 21st

The average person will wait a little over a month before they do this in front of someone new that they are dating;
A: The average person will wait a little over a month before they use a coupon in front of someone new that they are dating!   

Nov. 16th

The average man only has about five of these
  A: The average man only knows five good jokes that he is willing to tell! 

Nov. 15th

Women are two times more likely than men to daydream about this 

A: Women are two times more likely than men to daydream about quitting their job!

Nov. 14th

Nearly 60% of all people say they have done this after breaking up with someone; what is it? 

A: Nearly 60% of all people say they have purchased new bed sheets after breaking up with someone!       

Nov. 10th

You are more likely to do this on a Sunday evening between 7 and 10 than any other time of the week
A: You are more likely to cheat on a diet on Sunday evenings between 7 and 10 than any other time of the week!      

Nov. 9th

30% of all people say one of their happiest memories of being a kid is doing this:
A: hearing the sound of an ice cream truck in their neighborhood!          

Nov. 8th

10% of women admit to doing this while driving

A: painting their nails while driving

Nov. 7th

60% of all women agree that when a man does this it is a major turn off; what is it? 

A: winks at you

Nov. 6th

About 10% of people admit they’ve cried when this ended

A: their vacation

Nov. 3rd

About 35% of all women agree that this could make a man undateable; what is it? 

A: his name

Nov. 2nd

The average parent will not let their child do this until they are 12 years old; what is it?    

A: The average parent will not let their child mow the grass until they are 12 years old!  

Nov. 1st

Over half of all people say they have done their best to hide this from their friends and co-workers; what is it?     

A: high school yearbook picture

Oct. 27th

77% of parents surveyed said they will let their kids do this on vacation but never at home.   

A: jump on the bed

Oct. 26th

Enough of this is made each year to circle earth 5 times 

A: Candy corn 

Oct. 25th

When moving into a new home, 27% of people immediately replace this.   

A: Toilet seat 

Oct. 24th

You’ll find this food in 75% of American homes.    

A:  Chicken noodle soup 

Oct. 23rd

Uber Eats says this is the most common request when ordering delivery.

A: no onions

Oct. 20th

Almost all of us have this in our homes, but only 40% use it. What is it?  

A: Dental floss  

Oct. 18th

If you ask 20 people, only 1 of them is likely to have one of these on them.   

A: $100 bill  

Oct. 17th

1,700 Americans go to the er every year because they injure their eye with this

A: their toothbrush

Oct 13th

Friday the 13th is one of the most popular days to do this

A: get a tattoo

Oct. 9th

This happens on 32% of all first dates, what is it?   

A: have dinner at an Italian restaurant   

Oct. 6th

55% of all people admit that they have hidden this in their car before, what is it?  

A: Toilet Paper  04-22 

Oct. 5th

27% of couples say this phrase will start an argument

A: do you hear yourself

Oct. 3rd

32% of us do this at the grocery store.  

A: reach behind the front row of milk cartons for a “fresh” one

Sept. 29th

We do this 20% more on the weekends than during the work week.  

A:  Smile

Sept. 28th

A server that does _______will increase their tips by about 18%.  

A: Draw a smiley face on bill

Sept. 27th

62% of all women have made their man do this before leaving the house 

A: change their shoes

Sept. 26th

22% have admitted that they’ve taken this into a restaurant

A: salad dressing

Sept. 25th

This is most likely to happen on a Wednesday

A: family dinner

Sept. 22nd

25% of us would pay someone to do this for us

A: put furniture together

Sept. 18th

The average person would travel up to 34 miles to find the perfect _________?  

A: Hamburger/Cheesburger  

Sept. 13th

A survey finds 90% of kids learn how to do ______ before the age of four.  

A: tell a lie  

Sept. 12th

26% of people say their significant other regularly does _______ in their sleep.  

A: laughs in their sleep 

Sept. 11th

The number one food found in pantries is _________.  

A: macaroni and cheese.  

Sept. 8th

For some reason, three of this item will disappear from your home each year.  

A: Forks

Sept. 7th

About 10% of all adults admit that they are afraid of this, even though most kids love it; what is it?  

A: balloon

Sept. 6th

This was voted the #1 office perk

A: natural light and views of the outdoors

Sept. 1st

17% of all people have one at work but not at home; what is it? 

A: a candy dish

August 29th

Nearly 80% of all women say this is one of their biggest regrets; what is it?  
A: Nearly 80% of all women say that one of their biggest regrets is their high school hairstyle!         

August 24th

People said that ______  is the most annoying personal bad habit.  

A: cracking knuckles

August 21st

60 percent of people say they want to be told THIS by a friend.

A: their breath stinks

August 15th

little over half of all women admit that they have asked a stranger this; what is it 
A: little over half of all women have asked a stranger where they got their shoes!   

August 10th

The smell of this makes us want to spend more money

A: oranges

August 8th

The average household has six of these.  

A: refrigerator magnets  

August 3rd

41% of brides worry about this the most on their wedding day

A: The toast

August 2nd

18% of parents say they’re saving money this summer by NOT doing this

A: haircuts for the kids

August 1st

37% of us admit to never having used this function in our car

A: the horn

July 27th

The average parent will say these two words well over 500 times a year; what is it?

A: hurry up

July 26th

12 % of us would rather give up ____  for a month than lose our Wi-Fi Internet connection.  

A: showering

July 25th

This was voted the #1 rule in American homes

A: putting your feet on the furniture

July 24th

7% of all people say that this common thing is inappropriate to do in public; what is it? 

A: floss in public

July 19th

It’s takes women 16 seconds longer than men to do this

A: parallel park

July 18th

69% of all people say they would never do this if they were alone; what is it? 

A: order pizza   

July 14

Women are four times more likely than men to do this on their birthday

A: make a wish blowing out their candles

July 13th

40% of people say they consume this product even after it’s expiration date

A: Ketchup

July 12th

14% of adults say they did this as a kid and still do it as an adult

A: put money in a piggy bank

July 11th

22% of people say this is their biggest pet peeve at work

A: someone else parks in their usual spot

June 22nd

54% would NOT want this one wish granted

A: to live forever

June 12th

44% of us keep this when it stops working

A: car air freshener

June 8th

25% of Americans say they’d rather spend a day in jail rather than have this happen to them

A: total their car

June 7th

4 out of 10 women pretend to enjoy this

A: their kids art work

June 6th

May 30th

30% of couples on a road trip argue about this…

A: how to pack the car

May 25th

One of these will be touched 25 times before someone buys it

A: greeting card

May 24th

68% of people would consider breaking up over this

A: forgetting their anniversary

May 23rd

May 22nd

20% of women say they’ve hidden this from their partner

A: a fender bender

May 17th

23% say they’ve had a bad dream after eating this

A: cheese

May 16th

 26% of people think they could do this in an emergency.

A: Land an airplane

May 8th

1 in 5 under the age of 25 have never used one of these

A: a paper map

April 27th

90% of these in the office are covered in germs

A: coffee mugs

April 26th

2p is the best time of day to do this…

A: cancel plans for the day

April 25th

 62% of parents said it is easier to do THIS with a girl than with a boy?

A: give them a name

April 24th

There’s a new trend of people taking this item from work? And it’s not pens

A: silverware

April 20th

59% of people said they would not buy these used

A. earrings

April 13th

30% of pet owners have of these for their pets

A: a pet stroller

April 11th

Q: 21% admit they do this to end a conversation on the phone

A: yawn

March 24th
Q: Over the last 25 years, this has increased by almost 400%. What is it?
A: The payout from the tooth fairy

March 23rd
Q: Nearly one in five people have a favorite one of these. What’s the answer?
A: A Pen

March 22nd
Q: For the 1st time in nearly a century, this has decreased in America. What is it?
A: America’s collective IQ

March 21st
Q: Nearly 50% of people 42 and younger have done THIS in the past month.
What is it they have done?
A: Ate Ramen Noodles

March 20th
Q: California has 76 of these, while Wyoming has none.
A: Cities with a population of at least 100,000

March 16th

Q: 56% of dogs in the U.S. have this in common

A: they’re overweight

March 15th

Q: 68% of people share secrets with THIS person?

A: hairstylist

March 14th

Q: During our lifetime, the average person will lose 2 of these

A: debit cards

March 9th

Q: On average, women do this 5 times a day, and men 3 times a day

A: apologize

March 8th

Q: 45% of people argue about this in the car

A: Where to park

March 3rd

Q: 14% of pet owners says they’ve done this for their pet

A: create their own social media page

March 2nd

Q: Americans spend $45 billion a year on this.

A: tipping

March 1st

Q: 16% of married people have gotten one of these without telling their spouse

A: credit card

February 28

Q: People in Ireland eat more of this each year than any other country. Adds up to 15 pounds a year

A: breakfast cereal

February 27
Q: The average one of these lasts for approximately 35 miles
A: a pencil


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