Real Tough Trivia

Sept. 22nd

25% of us would pay someone to do this for us

A: put furniture together

Sept. 18th

The average person would travel up to 34 miles to find the perfect _________?  

A: Hamburger/Cheesburger  

Sept. 13th

A survey finds 90% of kids learn how to do ______ before the age of four.  

A: tell a lie  

Sept. 12th

26% of people say their significant other regularly does _______ in their sleep.  

A: laughs in their sleep 

Sept. 11th

The number one food found in pantries is _________.  

A: macaroni and cheese.  

Sept. 8th

For some reason, three of this item will disappear from your home each year.  

A: Forks

Sept. 7th

About 10% of all adults admit that they are afraid of this, even though most kids love it; what is it?  

A: balloon

Sept. 6th

This was voted the #1 office perk

A: natural light and views of the outdoors

Sept. 1st

17% of all people have one at work but not at home; what is it? 

A: a candy dish

August 29th

Nearly 80% of all women say this is one of their biggest regrets; what is it?  
A: Nearly 80% of all women say that one of their biggest regrets is their high school hairstyle!         

August 24th

People said that ______  is the most annoying personal bad habit.  

A: cracking knuckles

August 21st

60 percent of people say they want to be told THIS by a friend.

A: their breath stinks

August 15th

little over half of all women admit that they have asked a stranger this; what is it 
A: little over half of all women have asked a stranger where they got their shoes!   

August 10th

The smell of this makes us want to spend more money

A: oranges

August 8th

The average household has six of these.  

A: refrigerator magnets  

August 3rd

41% of brides worry about this the most on their wedding day

A: The toast

August 2nd

18% of parents say they’re saving money this summer by NOT doing this

A: haircuts for the kids

August 1st

37% of us admit to never having used this function in our car

A: the horn

July 27th

The average parent will say these two words well over 500 times a year; what is it?

A: hurry up

July 26th

12 % of us would rather give up ____  for a month than lose our Wi-Fi Internet connection.  

A: showering

July 25th

This was voted the #1 rule in American homes

A: putting your feet on the furniture

July 24th

7% of all people say that this common thing is inappropriate to do in public; what is it? 

A: floss in public

July 19th

It’s takes women 16 seconds longer than men to do this

A: parallel park

July 18th

69% of all people say they would never do this if they were alone; what is it? 

A: order pizza   

July 14

Women are four times more likely than men to do this on their birthday

A: make a wish blowing out their candles

July 13th

40% of people say they consume this product even after it’s expiration date

A: Ketchup

July 12th

14% of adults say they did this as a kid and still do it as an adult

A: put money in a piggy bank

July 11th

22% of people say this is their biggest pet peeve at work

A: someone else parks in their usual spot

June 22nd

54% would NOT want this one wish granted

A: to live forever

June 12th

44% of us keep this when it stops working

A: car air freshener

June 8th

25% of Americans say they’d rather spend a day in jail rather than have this happen to them

A: total their car

June 7th

4 out of 10 women pretend to enjoy this

A: their kids art work

June 6th

May 30th

30% of couples on a road trip argue about this…

A: how to pack the car

May 25th

One of these will be touched 25 times before someone buys it

A: greeting card

May 24th

68% of people would consider breaking up over this

A: forgetting their anniversary

May 23rd

May 22nd

20% of women say they’ve hidden this from their partner

A: a fender bender

May 17th

23% say they’ve had a bad dream after eating this

A: cheese

May 16th

 26% of people think they could do this in an emergency.

A: Land an airplane

May 8th

1 in 5 under the age of 25 have never used one of these

A: a paper map

April 27th

90% of these in the office are covered in germs

A: coffee mugs

April 26th

2p is the best time of day to do this…

A: cancel plans for the day

April 25th

 62% of parents said it is easier to do THIS with a girl than with a boy?

A: give them a name

April 24th

There’s a new trend of people taking this item from work? And it’s not pens

A: silverware

April 20th

59% of people said they would not buy these used

A. earrings

April 13th

30% of pet owners have of these for their pets

A: a pet stroller

April 11th

Q: 21% admit they do this to end a conversation on the phone

A: yawn

March 24th
Q: Over the last 25 years, this has increased by almost 400%. What is it?
A: The payout from the tooth fairy

March 23rd
Q: Nearly one in five people have a favorite one of these. What’s the answer?
A: A Pen

March 22nd
Q: For the 1st time in nearly a century, this has decreased in America. What is it?
A: America’s collective IQ

March 21st
Q: Nearly 50% of people 42 and younger have done THIS in the past month.
What is it they have done?
A: Ate Ramen Noodles

March 20th
Q: California has 76 of these, while Wyoming has none.
A: Cities with a population of at least 100,000

March 16th

Q: 56% of dogs in the U.S. have this in common

A: they’re overweight

March 15th

Q: 68% of people share secrets with THIS person?

A: hairstylist

March 14th

Q: During our lifetime, the average person will lose 2 of these

A: debit cards

March 9th

Q: On average, women do this 5 times a day, and men 3 times a day

A: apologize

March 8th

Q: 45% of people argue about this in the car

A: Where to park

March 3rd

Q: 14% of pet owners says they’ve done this for their pet

A: create their own social media page

March 2nd

Q: Americans spend $45 billion a year on this.

A: tipping

March 1st

Q: 16% of married people have gotten one of these without telling their spouse

A: credit card

February 28

Q: People in Ireland eat more of this each year than any other country. Adds up to 15 pounds a year

A: breakfast cereal

February 27
Q: The average one of these lasts for approximately 35 miles
A: a pencil