51% think THIS about their car

51% Americans say they think of their car as “part of the family.”  (???)

The poll also found 53% of us would hang onto our current car FOREVER if that was an option.  But the #1 reason isn’t emotional, it’s financial.

80% of us are trying to keep our current car going as long as possible, because we don’t want to spend the money on a new one.  Here are five more reasons we don’t want to replace it . . .

1.  It’s fairly reliable.  58% agreed.

2.  It gets pretty good gas mileage, 45%.

3.  There’s just no way I could afford a new car right now, 28%.

4.  Fond memories, like a road trip or family vacations, 24%.

5.  You just have an emotional attachment to your car, 22%.

That said, most of us WOULDN’T go with the same car if we had to buy right now.¬† Only a third said they’d buy the same make and model in a newer year.¬†

Source: SWNS


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