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I’m a Missouri boy, born, bred & lifelong. (If you don’t count 4 or 5 wayward years in Southern Illinois.)

I started working at a hometown radio station in Cape Girardeau while I was in high school, and have managed to avoid getting a real job ever since.  I joke about it making me feel old, but I’m to the very gratifying point in my career that I now meet people who have listened to me in the car with their parents, and now they listen in the car with their kids.  I can’t think of a better compliment.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time on a bicycle, on the beautiful trails and country roads of Missouri.  As is inevitable at my age (50-ish), my health has become more of a focus for me.  You won’t have to listen long to hear me trying to convince others about the benefits of a good bike ride.

The life of Jerry Seinfeld has fascinated me for several years, James Bond has fascinated me for several decades, and I am an unapologetic fan of the animated shows of Seth MacFarlane. (Family Guy, American Dad & The Cleveland Show)  If I had kids I’m not sure I’d let them watch, but I love them!

I believe that there is a God in Heaven that created this world and everything in it.  In his wisdom he has chosen to bless me with a life that I nowhere near deserve, and I don’t thank him enough.  But he has given me the tools to do this job, in this place, at this time, and that makes me a happy man.