ACM Performances

Caught up on what you might’ve missed Keith Urban “Tumbleweed” Alan Jackson &...

Know the REAL reason we use Social Media so much?

Everywhere you look you see people on phones, laptops, tablets or a computer while the world seems to just pass them by. Oh yes there is a reason, a self gratifyi...

The Duke Boys Would Be Proud

However, I’m not sure if their insurance company would be

Busch Is Hiring a Dog for $20,000 to Taste Test Dog Beer

Great, some dog out there is going to have a better job title than I ever will. Busch Beer just announced they want to hire a DOG as their new CTO . . . that̵...

A Fancy Feast Cookbook, For Humans?

So you want to enjoy a meal with your cat, but they don’t like human food and you won’t dare eat their food. What do you do? Thanks to Fancy Feast, yo...

ACM Performers Announced!

See if your favorite is hitting the stage April 5th

Get paid to eat hotdogs!

AND watch baseball. Why wouldn’t you want to?