Here’s a great gift for dad for Father’s Day!

Enter to win tickets to take dad to see the Springfield Cardinals take on Corpus Christi ON Father’s Day. It wouldn’t be right to have dad pay for any...

We’re sending you to THE show of the summer!

King George comes to Arrowhead July 30th! He hasn’t played Arrowhead in over 20 years and this is a bucket list show for sure. Starting June 13th, listen to...

Who do you know that deserves a salute?

We want to salute those that are doing so much for us! Tell us about that person, whether they’re military, medical, first responder etc. We’ll salute them on...

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How would you react!?

Imagine you’re just out for a nice stroll walking the dog, and then THIS happens

30 years ago she got his pick. Now she got this!

Garth continues to make lifetime memories for his fans on his tour

Johnny Cash was shot! Well, kinda..

Kingsland Arkansas is proud to be the birthplace of the ‘Man In Black’. So much so, he’s featured on the town’s water tower. Someone thoug...

Wynonna performs ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’

She performed as part of the Naomi Judd: A River Of Time Celebration.

What kind of person are you at the microwave?

I’m definitely the ‘I’ll make a snack while I wait for my food’ guy–Kraus in the House

He steals their mower….but first he….?

Would their ever be a time you’d say thank you to a thief? This guy steals a mower from a couple, but first he does THIS!