A library handed out counterfeit eclipse glasses

 If libraries want to make it through another century, they probably don’t want to make a habit of BLINDING the next generation.

A library in New Jersey made a little goof earlier this week, when they got a bunch of eclipse glasses so that local children could witness the wonders of science.  But instead it became a lesson on the evils of big business.

The Moorestown Library in Jersey somehow figured out that the eclipse glasses they were handing out may have been counterfeit.  Thankfully, they noticed it ahead of time, but just barely.

About two hours before the eclipse, the library sent out a panicked messaged on Facebook warning people not to use the glasses they gave out.

They said that the glasses were purchased from Walmart.com, and they were labeled as a brand approved by the American Astronomical Society . . . but they later learned that they may be knock-offs.

They apologized “profusely for the error.”

They also provided information on how to test the glasses . . . but one person called the lab, and said they wanted $1200 to $1500.  So, quote, “I’ll just have to wait and see whether I eventually go blind.”

There’s no indication that anyone was seriously hurt from these glasses yet . . . and technically, they could’ve been perfectly safe.  It’s just that the library “couldn’t be certain of their effectiveness.”



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