Better social life: Your or your dog?

This could make you feel happy for your dog, or just sad for yourself:  Between you and your dog, who would you say has a better social life?

Someone asked 2,000 dog owners, and 60% said their DOG does.  A third also said their dog is better at making new friends than they are.

Your dog may not LOVE all of its friends though.  Most people said their dog has at least one FRENEMY that’s also a rival.

62% say their dog has frenemies . . . 52% think their dog has best friends . . . and 49% say their dog has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The most common places dogs make new friends include out on walks . . . at doggy daycare . . . and at dog parks.

The fact that they’re really social does also help US make friends though.  The average person said their dog has added three new people to their friend group. 


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