Can you guess what Crayola is selling now?

Crayola has been around for 138 years . . . mostly making CRAYONS.  They also do colored pencils, markers, chalks, and paints . . . but they’ve stayed in the art supplies lane.  Until now.

Crayola is now flexing into . . . the flower business.  (???)

They’ve just announced Crayola Flowers, which is an online flower delivery service . . . with a FUNDRAISING tilt.

10% to 50% of every sale will be donated to charities that are chosen by the customer.  Nonprofit organizations can also use the service . . . as a platform for their own fundraising campaigns.

Bouquets are priced from $50 to $150, and they will be shipped directly from farms to consumers nationwide.

They said they came up with the idea in some downtime during the pandemic. 


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