Can’t find it? Try these steps

So here are four tricks to quickly find things you’ve lost . . . whether it’s your phone, keys, remote, headphones, or baby.  Actually maybe not the last one.

1.  Check the spots where you’ve lost it before.  Is your missing phone usually by the sink?  Is your remote usually on the mantle?  Look there first.

2.  Retrace your steps.  Think back to when you had the item in your hand most recently and try to retrace your steps to that point.

3.  Look in all the seating areas. Places where you sit are magnets for your items.  Look in the couch cushions, behind throw pillows, on side tables, and under couches and chairs.

4.  Change the lighting.  Sometimes when you change how a room looks, it helps you search with fresh eyes.  Plus, this also helps because you might’ve left something in the shadows.