“Chill Vibes: Why I’m Stashing Toilet Paper in My Fridge”

Alright, buckle up, because I’m about to drop a game-changing life hack I saw on TikTok that involves the most unexpected item in your household: toilet paper. Yeah, you heard me right. So, picture this: you open your refrigerator, and instead of the usual blast of freshness, you’re hit with that questionable aroma you just can’t seem to shake. Fear not, my friends, because the solution to your funky fridge woes might just be hanging out in your bathroom.

Here’s the deal – toilet paper isn’t just for the bathroom anymore. If you’ve got some lingering smells in your fridge that even the baking soda box can’t handle, try this out. Toss a roll of toilet paper in there. Not just any roll – go for the unscented, plain Jane type. The absorbent powers of this humble bathroom staple work wonders in capturing and neutralizing odors. It’s like a breath mint for your fridge, only it won’t make your leftovers taste minty.

I stumbled upon this genius trick on TikTok, and then during a late-night snack raid when I caught a whiff of something questionable. With no other options in sight, I popped a roll of TP into the fridge. The next day? Voila! No more mystery stink. It’s the kind of kitchen magic that’ll have your friends raising their eyebrows until they try it themselves. So, the next time your fridge starts smelling like a science experiment gone wrong, don’t panic. Just roll with it – toilet paper, that is.

  • Chris Kennedy


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