real tough trivia

Real Tough Trivia

May 30th

People were asked ‘if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?” This was the #1 anwer

A: Do you like your food

May 29th

Q: 41% of people look forward to this every day? 
A: Checking the mail 

May 28th

Q: 52% of people would rather do this unpleasant thing than give up coffee for a week? 
A: Jury duty 

May 16th

30% of parents use their kids as an excuse to buy THIS

A: chocolate milk

May 15th

73 percent of women carry one of these, versus about 60 percent of men. What is it?


May 14th

Two-thirds of those who own one of THESE — have a name for it. What is it? 
A:  A guitar 

May 13th

People over 40 years of age will get rid of about 50 percent or more of these this month. What are they? 
A: emails 

May 9th

People in Wyoming do this more than people in any other state

A: drive

May 6th

Q: Compared to their mothers, women today have about 30% more of these. What? 
A: diamonds in their engagement rings 

May 1st

The number one thing we want on vacation is this

A: fast wifi

Apr. 30th

This is the most dreaded word to hear at work

A: hey!

Apr. 26th

29% of people prefer to eat this when it’s passed it’s prime?
A: Pickles

Apr. 23rd

 On average, we eat 36% more calories than normal, when we visit THIS place? 

A: movie theater

Apr. 15th

Two percent of women say they need at least six dates before they’re willing to do this. What is it?  

A: introduce them to their friends

Apr. 10th

40% of us have had this stolen at work

A: an idea