Cup Noodles new flavor is…deadly blowfish?

If you love ramen and have a death wish, you’re the target market here:  Cup Noodles just unveiled a fun new flavor:  DEADLY BLOWFISH.

It’s flavored with fugu, a type of pufferfish that can kill you if it’s not prepared right.  

It’s the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world after Colombia’s golden poison frog .  (I bet they’re delicious too.)

The fugu’s skin, organs, bones, and blood are all loaded with poison.  So they have to be prepared just right.  Chefs in Japan train for two years before they’re allowed to serve it.

The Cup Noodles version comes with a “special fugu seasoning oil” you pour on top.  They haven’t said how it’s prepared, so dine at your own risk.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to fly to Japan to do that.  They’re not currently planning to sell the blowfish flavor anywhere else.

Each cup costs $2.  

Source: CNN