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Did you know there are ‘Reba’ corn mazes?

If you’re flying this fall, take a look out the window and you might spot one of these.  Almost half of America’s 50 states will have one . . .

Reba McEntire CORN MAZES are opening in 24 different states this weekend.  (???)

It’s a promotional thing for her new book that comes out next month called Not That Fancy.

40 farms in 24 states will have corn mazes featuring her name and image.  A company called “The Maize” designed them . . . spelled M-A-I-Z-E.  You can find locations and see pictures at TheMaize.com.  They officially open Saturday.

Reba is aware it’s a weird idea, calling it “one of the more unique things” she’s ever been a part of. 

But she says it also involves three things she cares deeply about:  “Farming, family, and friends.”