Do you have tipping fatigue?

This number actually seems low, which is crazy:  A new study found the average American tips at least five people a week.  And half of us have “tipping fatigue” now.  53% say they’re fed up with it.  Here are five more tipping trends to watch . . .

1.  Why do we leave a tip when we don’t really want to?  43% don’t want to look like a jerk, and 34% don’t want to seem cheap.

2.  70% of us feel guilty if we don’t leave a tip, especially if the person is standing right in front of us.

3.  We’re still tipping waiters and waitresses more than we were pre-pandemic, but it’s fallen off.  42% of us tip at least 20% now.  That’s down from 56% in 2021.  People in the Northeast tend to be the best tippers at restaurants.

4.  26% of people usually tip food delivery drivers at least 20% now.  That’s down from 32% last year, and 38% the year before.  People in the Midwest are the biggest tippers when ordering out.

5.  Despite the tipping fatigue, we’re gearing up to leave even bigger tips than usual over the next month or so.  65% of us usually tip more around the holidays.