Doing this could help your kid get an A

Wish I had heard about this when I was trying to pass all those math tests! Could this work for your kids?

Instead of having your kid study extra hard to get good grades . . . just write the letter “A” on a piece of paper and make them stare at it for an hour.

A study by the University of Missouri found that students who looked at the letter “A” before a test did better than kids who looked at the letter “F.”

On their sample test, the “A” group got an average score of 92.3%, which is an A-minus . . . the “F” group got an average of 78.5%, which is a C-plus.

They also did a second experiment which also had a third group look at the letter “J.”  Those kids did better than the “F” group but worse than the “A” group.

The researchers think it’s because, quote, “exposure to the letter A made the students [subconsciously] approach the task with the aim to succeed . . . while exposure to the letter F made them want to avoid failure.”

And other studies have shown people do better when they’re trying to succeed than when they’re trying not to fail.


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