Don’t Let Anyone Cast A Shadow On Your Growth

Here is a quick attempt at motivation…Don’t let anyone cast a shadow on your growth, or squash your dreams of being who or what you want to be.

Every time I look at this picture I only focus on the tree behind the rock that sits on the little chunk of land called The Grand Canyon. I stare, I wonder, I stare longer, I wonder even more…how did that happen? How did a seed land on this part of The Grand Canyon and actually take root? How is it even possible…a rock is casting a shadow on the ‘rock’ underneath it making it near impossible for light to hit that one teenie tiny little crack where the seed had landed and settled in. But there it is…reaching upward for more light, more sunshine, more life. Let’s all take a little bit of time to see that at times we are like that tree, struggling to grow but determined to not give up on our dreams. The rock may (you may need to use your imagination here) say to the seedling, “give up, you don’t have a chance. I’m much bigger than you’ll ever be and you will never be as big or as grand as me. Can’t you see I’m the spectacular one here? I’m the freaking Grand Canyon!”

I used to say “ear muffs” to my kids when things were being said that I didn’t want them to hear, so now…I’m saying it again. When others tell you that you can’t, or you won’t be able to, or you’re just not good enough…I say to you “ear muffs.” Block out the negativity and be the little tree. Push for your dreams, work for your goals and at the end of your struggle…just wink and say thanks to the rock for giving you motivation to be just as big and grand as you want to be.

Be. The. Tree.