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For Luke Combs, the right riff at the right time equals “Going, Going, Gone”


Luke Combs is in the middle of an incomparable career streak: Last year, “The Kind of Love We Make” became his 14th consecutive #1 song. 

Even more incredible, that means every single the CMA Entertainer of the Year has ever released has gone all the way to the top of the chart. 

The song that’s likely to become his 15th #1 is his current hit, “Going, Going, Gone.”

“[It’s] a song I wrote in Montana with two of my best friends,” Luke says, referring to Ray Fulcher and James McNair. “And I really just had that riff I was playing on the guitar, and we all kinda were like really interested in that.”

“And [I] went through the phone and I had that title ‘Going, Going, Gone’ in my phone for a really long time, and always just never found the right time or moment, or maybe it was the riff, you know?” he continues. “I never matched it up with the music right, and I feel like we finally got it right that time.” 

Just last week, Luke announced an unexpected album of 18 new songs that’s set to be released March 24. It’s the follow-up to Growin’ Up, which came out last June. 

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