He was trying to cross the Atlantic in a WHAT?!?

A man in Florida is facing federal charges after the U.S. Coast Guard caught him about 70 miles off the coast of Georgia in a homemade “hydro pod,” which is kind of like a giant hamster wheel

The guy’s name is Reza Baluchi, and he’s a marathon runner who was trying to “run” to London.  When the Coast Guard found him, he wasn’t exactly calm about the situation, and he refused to leave the vessel for three days.

This isn’t the first time Reza has been caught in the hamster wheel.  He’s been apprehended at least THREE previous times . . . including two years ago, when he was trying to make it from Florida to New York. 

That time, he made it about 25 miles before washing ashore.  In the past, he’s said that he’ll never give up this insanity.