I call it the “butt”, but when you pull out the first slice of bread from the loaf, what do you call the end piece?

Bread is an everyday food that so many of us eat every single day, but a lot of people might not know the specific term for its end parts. And the people who do, may not see eye-to-eye.

It’s always fun when people can’t agree on something you thought EVERYONE agreed on . It seems that from the beginning of time have been arguing about what to call the two ends on a loaf of bread. 

Here are the two most common answers:  Some people say it’s obviously the “HEEL” . . . and other people have always just called it the “END PIECE.”…but I’ve added a third and demand it to be considered “common”, it’s the “BUTT”!

A few more that people mentioned include “the end bread” . . . “the end slice” . . . and “the crust” or “crust end”

Let’s stop the argument and just all agree to call it the Butt, deal?

Chris Kennedy