Need to wrap presents in peace? Try this.

A mom on TikTok is going viral for planning her third annual gift-wrapping getaway at a HOTEL.

She books a room for herself and leaves her kids at home.  That way, she’s got no distractions and doesn’t have to be sneaky with it.

It also doubles as a weekend getaway just when she needs one . . . at the most stressful time of the year.

She booked two nights last year . . . watched TV while she wrapped . . . ordered take-out . . . and drank a few beers.

People online are embracing the idea and coming up with tweaks.  For example, you could make it more affordable by joining up with a few other parents and renting an Airbnb together.  

Could you get on board with this?


Second annual wrapping weekend! Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all gifts🎄, order takeout, watch tons of tv, and no one asked me for anything 🤶🏻. #momwin #wrappinghacks #selfcare #christmas #wrappinggifts #wrappingweekend #mrsclaus

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