Only THIS many can name last year’s champion!

9% of people who plan to watch the Super Bowl say they won’t know which teams are playing in it until the game starts. 

(For the record, it’s the San Francisco 49ers vs. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team.)

Here are a few more stats for Super Bowl 58 . . .

1.  The average viewer will only watch 29 minutes of the game itself.  One in six said less than 20.  Each quarter is 15 minutes.  So unless there’s overtime, that’s 60 minutes of gameplay.  The whole event lasts three to four hours.

2.  Only a third of Americans can name last year’s Super Bowl champs.  It was the Kansas City Chiefs.  They’ve now been in it four of the past five years.  They’ve won two of those so far.

3.  A lot of us just want to socialize at Super Bowl parties.  But 77% agree it’s rude to stand around and gab near the TV.  (So, 23% DON’T think that’s rude?)

4.  Hosting a party and thinking of upgrading your TV?  The top things people will buy before hosting a Super Bowl party include a new grill . . . a new TV . . . new dishes . . . and a new couch.

5.  The food is really important.  77% say good food and good snacks are essential for a great Super Bowl party.  The top five Super Bowl snacks, in order, are:  Chips . . . dips . . . hot dogs . . . pizza . . . and burgers.