When putting together your food ideas for your Super Bowl Party this year, there are some foods that aren’t the best on your party platter.

The Super Bowl is a huge yearly event that brings people together to cheer on the Chiefs…or their other favorite team. Some of us spend the day thinking/talking about football, there are some of us that think more about the food that will be served. However, not all foods are created equal and there are some foods that you might want to consider leaving off the menu if you are hosting a party.

Raw Veggies – Ewww. Yes they are healthy and a great snack option, they just are not always a crowd-pleaser and can be left untouched at the party. Which for me means…I spent money on something people won’t eat…and I’m kind of a cheapskate.

Greasy Foods – Foods like fried chicken, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks are tasty for sure, but think about the mess the grease can potentially be on your furniture.

Fruit Salad – Save it for your Fourth of July picnic…not your Super Bowl party.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but – Hard-shell tacos, although one of my favorite foods, can be difficult to eat and can be messy.

Pass the wings, grab the Guac, and don’t forget some kind of smoke meat for your party!

Chris Kennedy