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The McRib returns next month!

It’s been one year since McDonald’s had its big “Farewell Tour” for the McRib.  And in related news:  The McRib will be back at McDonald’s next month.  (???)

If you didn’t see this coming, you only have yourself to blame.  Because they’ve done it before.

The McRib also had “Farewell Tours” in 2005 and 2006, and then they brought it back in 2007 anyway.

Because of that, McRib aficionados were skeptical about last year’s marketing stunt.  And it turns out they were right to be.  McDonald’s says it was just a farewell to it being available “nationwide.”

In other words, a lot of locations will have it again this year, maybe even most of them.  It just won’t be available at ALL locations anytime soon.

Someone leaked the news last week.  McDonald’s denied it at first, but then confirmed it over the weekend.  It’ll be back in participating markets next month for a limited time.