The most annoying fans in the NFL are??

There’s a new analysis out on the most ANNOYING fanbases in the NFL.  And you KNOW it’s legit, because they based it on social media posts.  (That’s where sports fans ARE the most annoying.) 

Here’s the Top 10:

1.  They say Dallas Cowboys fans are the MOST annoying.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles fans, which we have to assume are a CLOSE second.

3.  Buffalo Bills fans

4.  Kansas City Chiefs fans

5.  Green Bay Packers fans

6.  Cincinnati Bengals fans

7.  Chicago Bears fans

8.  New York Jets fans

9.  New York Giants fans

10.  Baltimore Ravens fans.

The Cleveland Browns fanbase is 11th.  It’s unclear what they’re so annoying about, maybe just those chants of “Wait until next year!”  (???)

The LEAST annoying fanbase is the Jacksonville Jaguars.