The USPS says PLEASE do this!

The U.S. Postal Service is encouraging customers to upgrade to new jumbo mailboxes to better accommodate the growing volume of packages from online shopping. These larger mailboxes, available at retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s for around $66, are designed to fit more and larger packages, reducing the chances of items being left outside where they could be stolen. The USPS emphasizes that they receive no financial benefit from the sales of these mailboxes but recommend them to ensure more secure and efficient deliveries​ (Yahoo)​​ (DNyuz)​.

The new mailboxes are part of USPS’s “Mailbox Improvement Week,” observed annually in May, which aims to encourage customers to upgrade or repair their mailboxes. This initiative is also in response to the increasing issues of package theft, known as “porch piracy.” While the jumbo mailboxes do not lock, they can help prevent items from being left exposed. Additionally, the USPS suggests signing up for their Informed Delivery service, which notifies customers when a package has been delivered, further enhancing security​

Source: Local 12