pickleball paddle on pickleball court

These Young Whipper Snappers!

So, there I was, thinking I was the undisputed king of the pickleball court (in MY mind only) – holding my own against any opponent in the current group that I’ve started playing with. But lately, things have taken a turn. A new group of pickleball players has emerged into the group, and let me tell you, these youngsters have some skills. Suddenly, I’m feeling like the elder statesman who may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I would stroll onto the court with confidence, paddle in hand, ready to show off my well-practiced moves. Now, it’s a different story. These younger players move like lightning, zipping around the court with the agility of caffeinated squirrels…and they jumped up and down for no reason other than jumping up and down. They’ve got this whole strategic game plan going on, communicating with an almost telepathic efficiency that makes me wonder if I accidentally stumbled into a secret pickleball society. As I huff and puff, desperately trying to keep up.

It’s both humbling and exhilarating, this clash of generations on the pickleball court. While my ego might be nursing a few bruises, I can’t deny the thrill of the challenge. So, here’s to the younger players who’ve injected a burst of energy into my game – even if it means I need an extra ice pack after every match.

  • Chris Kennedy

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