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They left without….everyone’s luggage?

It isn’t uncommon for airlines to lose someone’s luggage . . . but have you ever heard of an airline “losing” EVERYONE’S baggage?

A Swiss International Air Lines plane took off from Zurich, Switzerland to Spain last weekend without ANY checked suitcases onboard.  But the problem wasn’t a bad worker.  It was NO workers.

There was a “lack of ground staff” to handle the baggage, so the flight was delayed more than an hour.  Then, they just decided to let the plane go, so that it could keep the rest of its schedule that day.

The fact that it was an intentional decision makes THIS the worst part:  No one told the passengers that their baggage wasn’t onboard until AFTER they’d waited TWO HOURS at baggage claim.

The airline says they were able to get “most” of the luggage to Spain “the next day” . . . and the rest arrived “the day after that.”  It’s unclear what they’re doing to compensate the passengers . . . if anything.