THIS candy is rated the worst (not candy corn!)

They only asked about the CONTROVERSIAL ones . . . not stuff like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which everyone loves.  Here’s the list, from most-hated to . . . less-hated:

1.  Peeps, 52% of people hate them.  And yes, their definition of “Halloween candy” is very broad.  (It’s like, if you don’t like Peeps, you’ll REALLY hate six-month old Peeps that have been in the cupboard since Easter.)

2.  Jawbreakers, 45% hate them

3.  Dots, 44% hate them

4.  Atomic Fireballs, 44% hate them

5.  Red Hots, 43% hate them.  Spicy candies don’t seem to be popular.

6.  Candy corn, 42%.  For the record, 45% said they LOVE candy corn, and the other 13% claimed they’ve never had it.  (???)

7.  Hot Tamales, 41% hate them

8.  Jelly Beans, 35% hate them

9.  Almond Joy, 34% hate them.  Almond Joys got hate, Mounds don’t?

10.  Lemonheads, 30% hate them