What’s acceptable/not acceptable at a restaurant?

Where do you land on these scenarios vs. what America says?

There’s a big new survey out on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at restaurants . . . and some of the results are surprising.  Here are the highlights, ranked from most- to least-acceptable behaviors.

1.  Asking for a to-go container to take leftovers home.  93% say that’s acceptable, 3% say it’s unacceptable.

2.  Sending back a dish that wasn’t made as specified.  84% say that’s acceptable, 7% say it’s not.

3.  Taking photos of their food.  75% say it’s acceptable, 13% say it’s not.

4.  Asking to be seated before their entire party arrives.  69% say it’s acceptable, 13% say it’s not.

5.¬† Asking for a table near a power outlet to charge their devices.¬† 51% say it’s acceptable, 29% say it’s not.¬† 20% are “not sure.”

Source: YOUGOV


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