Why are people paying $400 for pineapples!?

Have you seen the $400 PINEAPPLE that’s trending online?  

The fruit company Del Monte originally unveiled it in late January, but it was only available in China.  Now you can get it in the U.S.

They’re called “Rubyglow” pineapples.  And the only remarkable thing about them is they’re slightly red on the outside.  

They describe the inside as “bright yellow” and say it has a “sweet flavor” . . . so, pretty much like a regular pineapple.  Even Del Monte describes the taste as “similar” to their normal ones.

Pineapple snobs might argue it’s NOT normal.  It’s a new hybrid that’s supposed to be sweeter and slightly less bitter.  

But the real reason they’re so expensive is they’re only selling 5,000 of them this year, and just 3,000 next year.  So it’s a scarcity thing.

They might eventually be cheaper.  But the one place you can buy them right now is on the produce site Melissas.com for $396, plus shipping. 

Just a reminder:  A normal pineapple runs you about three bucks at the grocery store.


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