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With a second album on the way, ‘Gold Chain Cowboy’ Parker McCollum has a “Handle” on being humble


Parker McCollum‘s “Handle on You” is now in the top fifteen, and shortly before November’s CMA Awards, he revealed he’s also got a handle on his sophomore album. 

“I’ll sing vocals on the last three or four songs Friday and Saturday, and it’ll be done,” he told ABC Audio, “so it’ll be out sometime next year.”

When pressed for details about his follow-up to 2021’s Gold Chain Cowboy, Parker was ever the polite Texan.

“Oh, I don’t know, some mediocre songwriting with some decent melodies and some slow, sad songs,” he added, “so hopefully they’ll dig it.”

Even though the Academy of Country Music gave Parker its New Male Artist of the Year trophy in 2022, and CMT proclaimed “To Be Loved by You” its Breakthrough Video of the Year, he still feels like he’s new to the game.

“I certainly don’t think I’ve done enough to act any differently yet,” Parker says of his humble attitude, “and still kinda feel like I’m earning my stripes and paying my dues. And I certainly don’t want to oversell anything and then come up short. So hopefully they love it.”  

Both of Parker’s previous singles, “Pretty Heart,” and “To Be Loved by You,” have made it all the way to #1.

So far, there’s no word on exactly when his second album will arrive, though he did put out the new track, “Stoned,” in December. 

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