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You Call It Quirky, Chris Kennedy Calls It…

I have a feeling I might have a few ‘Quirks’, or as I like to call them…’personality enhancements’.  Yeah, I like that term a lot better.

If I get a new shirt, I have to get rid of one shirt.  New socks, the same number of old socks get evicted from the sock drawer…and so on, new clothes in means old clothes go.  Seems legit, I think.

But even when it comes to unpacking a new shirt out of the package before I try it one, it’s removed from the package and all contents are kept neatly until I’ve convinced myself the shirt looks good on me and is a keeper.  As you can see….3 new shirts lined up in a neat row to decide which I try on first based on how they look out of the package.

Remember, I’m not weird…’personality enhancements’.
– Chris Kennedy