Why is this Missouri eagle going national?

Murphy is a bald eagle and living his best days at the Wild Bird Sanctuary outside St. Louis. Murphy found a rock and ever since then built a nest around this roc...

Are you scared of something at your job?

Imagine me trying to do a show everyday if I was deathly afraid of microphones! It would be pretty tough, right? This lady has a fear of ketchup, and WORKS in a r...

This ad saw a 200% boost in sales on Sunday

While many companies spent millions on their Super Bowl ad on tv, the last Blockbuster posted an ad online only and saw a 200% jump in sales. It was promoting Blo...

Chiefs fan gives Eagles fan a KIDNEY!

And now they’re going to the Super Bowl! Read this great story HERE

Help Springfield get a football team!

The Arena League is adding new teams, and Springfield is in the running! The league starts in 2024. They play on a 50 yard field and the 15 players play BOTH offe...

Don’t make this travel mistake!

A New York man was excited to go on a cruise of a lifetime leaving from Sydney Australia. That’s not exactly what he got. Check it out HERE

Sign the petition for Mama Kelce

Since she has sons playing against each other in the Super Bowl, doesn’t it make sense for her to do the honorary coin flip? Lots of people seem to think so...

22 year old poses as 13 year old to play bball

The girl had to miss the game, so the coach thought it would be a good idea to pretend to be HER. See her hoop it up HERE

Would you expect to find THIS at Arrowhead?

They were looking for a set of sunglasses that fell off her head. Instead they found this. Check it out HERE

Dolly gives us a gift on her birthday!

She was inspired by watching the news and the lyrics came to her in a dream!

Dierks Bentley’s 10th album is out in February

Gravel & Gold comes our way Feb 24th. Just dedicated is he to this project? He tells you HERE

Firefighters had to rescue a dog…from a tree?

Izzy thought he could catch that squirrel pretty easily. Even if it went up into a tree. He couldn’t, bet then Izzy had a problem of his own. He was stuck w...

A stinky situation!

Imagine making a delivery, and ending up 6ft down and in a SEPTIC TANK! It happened to Charles. He decided to shoot a video while he waited to be rescued. See it ...

A stewardess sets it straight.

Who gets the extra arm rest? Who controls the window shade? She tells us how it goes. Watch her explain this and a few other rules HERE

Have you ever seen a dog do this?!

This dog just set the record for most jump rope skips on hind legs in 30 seconds. Can your dog do this? https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnPFVMXqt-B/

What could possibly go wrong?!?!

When you trash talk an elk. Let’s just say Elk-1 Driver-0